bath after resurfacingUltraglaze – 7 Year Bath Resurfacing Warranty

All Ultraglaze Operators offer our standard 7-year “Limited Operator Warranty. This means that the warranty is offered by, and honored by the operator that provided the service. The warranty protects the customer from a “failure of adhesion”, and not impact damage/abuse or misuse. Damage to the surface resulting from accident/misuse can be repaired by your local operator at a reasonable cost.

Failure of adhesion caused by misuse is also not covered by the warranty. This results from water being left on the surface for long periods. This can be caused by water trapped under rubber anti-slip mats, or water trapped under shampoo bottles that are left on the surface, or dripping taps etc. These examples are the most common, and are different to a failure of adhesion due to workmanship or faulty product.

It is very important that the resurfaced item has the opportunity to completely dry out when not in use.

We suggest that you discuss warranty with your local operator prior to work commencing