Ultraglaze bath resurfacing Canberra

History – Ultraglaze bath resurfacing Canberra

The Ultraglaze Bath Resurfacing Process is Australia’s own premium resurfacing process. The system was developed here in Australia, and is distributed to a network of trained specialists.

The Ultraglaze process was developed out of a need to offer our customers a product that lives up to the promise. Back in 1980 the Founder of the Company purchased a business that included a Franchise of an American system used for bath resurfacing. After a few short and very frustrating years it became obvious that there was room in the Industry for something better. Back in the “old days” the bath would have been acid etched, then a layer of Epoxy Coating applied and left to air-dry for 4 days before the customer could remove the masking themselves, seal the edges and have their bathroom back!

A Research and Development Programme began in the late eighties, and after several huge steps forward in the bonding, application, curing and finishing departments we now have what is considered the best process of it’s kind. This process became the cornerstone of Ultraglaze bath resurfacing Canberra and is now used by Ultraglaze representatives around Australia.

As a Group we have resurfaced thousands of baths, basins, shower trays etc and can proudly stand behind our warranty knowing that it is highly unlikely you will ever need to refer to it. We have exported the Ultraglaze Process to Malaysia, Indonesia, Sth Korea, India and France, and continue to manufacture the key components in-house giving us total control over quality.