Run your own business

Our Business Structure has changed and we no longer “Franchise” our business according to the traditional model. Instead, we now offer an individual the opportunity to either convert their existing resurfacing business or start a new one. Of course, experience is helpful, but not essential, as we are able to train someone with no experience in our industry or any similar. Some of our most successful business owners have come to us from completely non-related backgrounds.

We no longer charge a “Franchise Fee”, nor do we charge any “On-going fees” like other Franchised businesses do. We simply assist you in establishing your business, then continue to supply the key components to our system on an on-going basis as required. This dramatically reduces the set-up costs,  and as a result will only be offered to the most suitable candidates.

To enquire about the availability of Territories on your area please contact us, details below.

International Enquiries

If you are located outside of Australia, we offer the opportunity to establish your business under a variety of models e.g. Franchising, Licensing, etc. We can offer you our years of experience and access to our Bath Resurfacing System.

Our goal is to assist anyone wishing to establish a Franchise network, or Licensee network in their country. We are interested in establishing long-term supply arrangements, which can involve exclusive access to the system. In fact, the final terms can be negotiated on a case-by-case basis, ensuring both parties will mutually benefit from their efforts.

For all business enquiries please contact the Managing Director, Ultraglaze Services International Pty Ltd:
Chris Theodorakis – [email protected]